Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight is the Night!

Tune in tonight at 11PM ET for the first broadcast of my humble little radio show. My guests tonight are likely to be a relative that I beg to join me, and a close friend that I guilt into calling. Also if she remembers, my fiance will probably call in to tell everyone how awesome I am. (That is, as long as she follows the script I prepared for her.)

In any case, it's a Thursday night, it's nasty out, and American Idol will be over and done with. You guys really have no excuses. Put the kids to bed, take a shower, and settle down for half an hour of engaging banter. I promise it will only be a fraction as pointless as any of the crap on television.

You can listen to the show via the link provided below, or you can use the phone number to listen to the show, or even call in if you are feeling brave.

Upcoming Episodes


Date / Time: 1/27/2011 11:00 PM

Category: Comedy

Call-in Number: (858) 815-2314

My very first show on blogtalk radio. Will it be a success, or will it be a catastrophic fail of epic proportions. Either way, you'll probably come away with something good to make fun of me with.


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